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Compression tooling application in Automotive light-weight industry

Join Date: 2019-11-07

Compression molding process is to heat the mold firstly, then put composite material (SMC/BMC) into the mold. Use pressure we calculated and after curved, the molded part is coming out from compression tooling. Compression tooling requires pressure from press machine to get material molding, then get the products. Normally speaking, we will calculate the pressure based on 3D model prior to molding.

During production, the temperature and optimized process are very important to get good quality molded parts, as well as the try-out equipment and molding specialist. Compression tooling is mainly consist of cavity and core with ejection system. In comparison with process of injection molding, compression tooling is easier to get shear edge damaged, if it’s not hardened. In that case, we need to harden the shear edge by laser, also polishing on cavity side is very critical.

Compression molding includes vacuum forming and hot compression molding. Due to short cycle time and composite material good performance, compression tooling has widely been used in automotive industry, and met development requirements of light weight applications.

MDC Mould, as a high quality compression tooling manufacturer in china, has become indicated supplier by many OEMs. Due to small or even ignored shrinkage by compression tooling, the dimension of molding parts have high accuracy, scarp rate will be lowered down, and production high effective. In recent years, MDC Mould has produced variety of compression toolings in Automotive industry, automotive mould also is MDC’s main business, such as underbody shield, top cover panel,etc. Currently, MDC Mould has developed kinds of GMT compression tooling for Daimler C, E, and AMG series, including GMT underbody shields, GMT protection cover, GMT brackets, as well as SMC bumper, SMC door panel, SMC Engine hood, etc.

compression tooling application in Automotive light-weight industry

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