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Carbon fiber mold

Join Date: 2021-05-26

What is carbon fiber composite mold?

What we usually call "carbon fiber" is actually carbon fiber composite, and carbon fiber composite is not the only material in the mold. This is because the ultra-high stiffness of carbon fiber is conditional: when there is only carbon fiber composite itself, it is very fragile and tends to split. In order to retain its properties, the carbon fiber is immersed in epoxy resin (a gelatinous material) before entering the mold to form a composite.

The carbon fiber composite mold is actually a kind of fiber reinforced resin matrix composite structure. The manufacturing of the mold is the same as the molding of the carbon fiber composite, that is, the carbon fiber composite is applied to the transition core mold by lamination or other ways, and then solidified into the mold. Of course, before it is used as a mold, some subsequent processing should be carried out, such as trimming, grinding, surface coating, assembly, etc.

Advantages of carbon fiber composite die:

The obvious advantages of carbon fiber composite die are light weight, high stiffness, thermal expansion coefficient close to the formed carbon fiber composite components, and high dimensional accuracy. At the same time, the carbon fiber composite die surface is made of prepreg, which can be used for any repair and reuse with high efficiency.

Secondly, the stiffness of carbon fiber is easier to control than that of metal; Its stiffness characteristics only show in one direction, so its stiffness can be adjusted according to how the carbon fiber composite material is adjusted into a straight line or how it is placed in the mold. This is called anisotropy. Metals, on the contrary, are isotropic and exhibit the same strength and stiffness properties in any axial direction of the material.

What should be paid attention to in the design of carbon fiber composite die:

In the mold design, the main consideration is the use temperature, thermal expansion performance, strength and stiffness, as well as the process performance of the mold. In particular, the large mold must have enough stiffness and strength to meet all the process requirements in the molding process, and maintain the stability of shape and size under high temperature and high pressure.

Carbon Fiber Mold

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