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Application of GMT mold in the automotive field

Join Date: 2020-12-22

In the early 1990s, with the increasing requirements for environmental protection and energy saving in the automotive industry, thermoplastic materials mainly used for automotive structural parts represented by GMT and lft developed rapidly, with an annual growth rate of 10-15 %. China GMT molds and GMT products will enter a period of rapid development, and will have broad application prospects in the future.

Future cars will become lighter and cheaper, but the requirements for safety, comfort and design are getting higher and higher. GMT materials are widely used in the automotive industry due to their superior performance to thermosetting materials and good cost performance. At the same time, they also have the effect of reducing quality and noise. They can be used to manufacture bumper beams, instrument panel frames, engine covers, and Stone strike cover, seat frame, battery bracket, compartment floor, wheel cover, luggage rack and car roof and other vehicle parts.

They can absorb considerable load and part of the impact energy generated in a collision. Moreover, GMT products rely on compression molding and can be easily processed into complex parts, so that large-scale structural parts can be produced in large quantities, thereby greatly reducing costs.

Glass fiber mat reinforced thermoplastic thermoplastic sheet (GMT) is a sheet-like structural material with thermoplastic resin as the matrix and glass fiber mat as the reinforced skeleton. The plastic mainly uses polypropylene, but also PET, PBT or polycarbonate. GMT adopts high-speed press or punching machine to form products.

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