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BMC compression mould

Join Date: 2019-11-14

BMC and SMC are similar in composition. But for BMC, firstly, it should be mixed the polyester resin and additives. After this step, it becomes a resin mixture, and then adds the filler. Next, reduce the mixing speed of the "premix" to prevent the glass fiber from cracking. If the material needs to be further concentrated, a thickener should be added. This material can be used for compression molding and injection molding.

How to compression molding this “putty” BMC material? First of all, put a certain amount of prepared BMC material into the preheated compression mold. Then close the mold at a certain speed, the material will flow under the pressure and fill the entire cavity. Then keep it at the required temperature and pressure for a certain time. When the physical and chemical processes have been completed to solidify, shape and achieve the best performance, we can open the BMC compression mold and take out the product. In the whole molding process, what directly affects the quality and accuracy of BMC products is the temperature. BMC compression mold can be divided into oil heating, electric heating, steam heating. No matter how demanding your products are, MDC has the ability to design and manufacture the BMC compression molds.

MDC Mould has already manufactured a lot of BMC compression molds and products. So MDC have rich theoretical knowledge and production experience in BMC compression molding field and can customize a complete set of BMC compression mold production line for you. BMC products of MDC cover a wide range of areas. For example, electrical industry and automobile industry, such as BMC taillight cover mold, BMC electrical box mold, BMC meter box mold and BMC manhole cover mold.etc.

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