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Compression Moulding vs Injection Moulding

Join Date: 2020-07-17

As a composite expert, MDC can find the best solution for your design and the cost that fits your request. MDC will always provide guidance to ensure that the best cost and quality requirements for you, whether in the compression moulding process or in the mix of raw materials. So Compression Moulding vs Injection Moulding, which is suitable for your projects?

Injection moulding is the manufacturing process of producing parts by injecting molten material into a mould. This is ideal for forming complex shape parts. Injection moulding is usually the preferred method of small batch production, as well as the choice of a variety of materials. But each injection part needs to use a corresponding mould. Not only would this be expensive, but it would also prolong unnecessary delivery times. Although large parts can be produced using injection moulding, the mould is very expensive to manufacture. If you want to produce larger parts, you may need to consider compression moulding.

Compression moulding is a moulding process defined by the use of pressure and heat. In the compression moulding process, the raw materials are put into the mould for heating. When the raw material is exposed to heat and pressure, it begins to solidify in the mould, forming a new product or component. This method solves the problem of product stress caused by injection moulding.

Compression moulding provides tools with low maintenance costs, making mass production easier and less downtime. Because there is no gate, the gate marks are avoided and the appearance is better. Compression moulding is applicable to a wider range of materials, allowing for longer fibre materials, moulded products usually have very good strength and toughness. But the production time of compression moulding is significantly longer than that of injection moulding. In addition, in the case of compression moulding, excess edges around the parts must be trimmed manually, further slowing down the production cycle and increasing labour costs.

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