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GMT mould | application on automobile rear anti-collision beam

Join Date: 2022-03-21

Glass mat reinforced thermoplastic composite (GMT) refers to a novel, energy-saving and lightweight composite material with thermoplastic resin as matrix and glass mat as reinforcement skeleton. It is a very active composite material development variety in the world at present. It is regarded as one of the new materials of the century and is widely used in automobile, construction, ship, electronics and electrical and other fields.

The rear anti-collision beam is an important safety part of the automobile. At home and abroad, the rear anti-collision beam of the automobile is generally formed by stamping or rolling with high-strength steel plate (the strength grade is mostly 400 ~ 1000 MPa). The mass of the metal rear anti-collision beam is also different according to the structure of the vehicle type (generally more than 4 kg). If GMT material is used instead of metal material, the goal of weight reduction and cost reduction of rear anti-collision beam can be achieved, and the safety performance can be improved.

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