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Guidance of GMT Compression Mold

Join Date: 2021-06-10

GMT part molding adopts flow molding, that is, the amount of blank is determined according to the volume or weight of the part to be formed. The size of the pre-cut blank is smaller than that of the part. When the mold is closed, the heated material flows in multiple layers to fill the cavity, and the cooling and solidification are qualified. part. This molding method can produce complex parts with ribs, inserts and holes.

Guidelines for mold making:

1. Using metal pair mold (core and cavity)

2. Ensure a completely vertical clamping surface (ie, closed loop)

3. There is a better mold guiding system to prevent the mold from lateral displacement

4. Set up safety pads to prevent too little material in the cavity from damaging the mold

5. The mold has an ejector pin ejection mechanism

6. The mold is equipped with a water cooling device and a heating system to adjust the mold temperature

7. Mold shrinkage rate is 0.3%-0.4% (glass fiber content is about 25%)

Closed loop:

1. It is used to close the mold cavity to prevent the material in the cavity from overflowing, and to reduce the flash of the product as much as possible

2. The closed loop is vertical and has no slope.

3. Before all the pressure is applied to the material, the closed rings of the upper and lower molds have begun to engage.

4. The typical engagement depth is more than 12mm larger than the wall thickness, and the gap of the closed ring is 0.05~0.08mm.

5. The hardness of the closed ring after hardening treatment is Rc5460 ? Small lead-in chamfers are allowed on the upper mold.

6. Sometimes in order to facilitate the opening and closing of the upper and lower molds, the cutting edge of the upper mold closed loop and the cutting edge of the lower mold closed loop (the side Perpendicular to the horizontal plane) is 20’~1.

Guidance system:

1. Protect the cutting edge, prevent the mold from lateral displacement, and ensure accurate closing and precise movement of the upper and lower molds

2. When the pressure reaches 1030MPa, it can fully withstand the generated side pressure

3. When the closed ring is in effect, the guide block must engage with more than 50mm. The tolerance of the guide system must be smaller than the closed ring

3. Small molds can be guided by guide posts and guide sleeves, but guide blocks should be used for large molds.

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