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How to make a carbon fiber mold?

Join Date: 2020-03-19

Due to the particularity of carbon fiber materials, which are generally relatively hard and lightweight, carbon fiber is currently being widely used in aircraft, high-end automotive and other industries. Although carbon fiber products are more expensive, you only need to make a high-quality carbon fiber mold to get mass production.

How to make a carbon fiber mold?

First of all, before starting to make carbon fiber molds, our engineering team will make a feasibility on carbon fiber products and evaluate what type of materials to use for carbon fiber mold? Knowing about customers' requirements for the surface gloss of carbon fiber parts? After we understand these specific requirements, we will design 2D and 3D for carbon fiber molds. After approval the final 3D design of the carbon fiber mold with the customer, MDC Mould will officially start making the mold. Milling machines from MDC Mould will be ensured all the milling progresses step by step, and high speed milling machines we used for carbon fiber mold will ensure the mold accuracy.

After the carbon fiber mold processing is completed, MDC engineer will inspect the mold. After confirming all the details of the mold, MDC will make molding spot, then testing, as well as record of molding parameters. After that, the molded product is subjected to 3D scanning and inspection.

MDC Mould ,as a leading carbon fiber mold maker, is able to provide high quality mold and molding parts. Using European imported steel for carbon fiber mold can ensure Class A surface. At present, carbon fiber mold projects carried out by MDC Mould include automotive interior brackets, aircraft seat panels, and aircraft seats.

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