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SMC/BMC moulding process

Join Date: 2020-04-10

MDC Mould is one of well-known mold makers in china. With the most advanced production equipment and technology, it enables us to manufacture the best quality molds. Compression molding is a good option for hard compounds, like SMC and BMC.

SMC molding materials (such as SMC) are used to manufacture automotive parts. Nevertheless, the harder panels are made of steel using stamping dies. The following is a list of auto parts that can be manufactured with compression molds.

Automotive exterior parts: bumper linings, mudguards, wheel covers, spoilers and rear doors.

Automotive interior parts: instrument panel, door panel, glove box, car seat and various protection panels.

Structural and functional components: fuel tank, coolant tank, air filter cover, fan blades, intake pipe and cylinder head.

In addition to auto parts, compression molding is also used to produce bathroom accessories, water tank accessories, motorcycle accessories, fitness equipment parts and meter housings.

BMC molding (bulk molding compound) applications include motors, radio stations, instruments, machinery manufacturing, construction, transportation and defense industries. Moreover, this molding process is very suitable for manufacturing chemical and electrical engineering equipment.

MDC works with leading companies in the industry to help them develop and manufacture molds. Compression mould can be used to form automotive parts, home appliance parts and bathroom parts.

SMC and BMC molding advantages:

1. Short molding cycle, suitable for mass production. Mass production is also possible using multi-cavity molds.

2. Closed mold forming, materials are evenly distributed. Different materials can be added to the cavity to increase the strength of the component

3. The molding process is simple, easy to mechanize and automate, even without skilled workers.

4. Large products can be formed. SMC molded products have accurate dimensions, smooth surfaces, good appearance and dimensional repeatability, and can form complex structures at one time, and can be processed twice without damaging the products.

MDC has a long history in the glass fiber compression molding industry. We are committed to the design, development and production of stampers, as well as provide technical support to customers worldwide, Our aim is to become the best supplier of stable, high-performance SMC mould and BMC mould.

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