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Bathtub mold design ——SMC Mold

Join Date: 2022-03-18

Traditional bathtub manufacturing materials are generally divided into three categories: fiberglass, steel and cast iron. The surface hardness of fiberglass bathtub is low, easy to scratch, poor wear resistance. Steel is a hard and durable material. Steel baths need to be covered with ceramic or enamel. Cast iron is very wear-resisting material, but the drawback of cast iron bath crock is heat preservation performance is poor, hot water can become cool very quickly. And the latest popular SMC (sheet mold plastic) composite bathtub can avoid the above defects.


SMC main raw materials by GF (special yarn), UP (unsaturated resin), low shrinkage additives, MD (filler) and various additives, is a resin matrix composite material. And on both sides with polyethylene or polypropylene film coated sheet moulding material. When using, just tear off the film on both sides, cut and laminate according to the size of the product, put it into the mold, heat and pressure, you can get the required products.

SMC material has excellent electrical insulation performance, mechanical properties, thermal stability, chemical corrosion resistance, light weight and easy engineering design, flexible and other advantages, its mechanical properties can be comparable with some metal materials, its products have good rigidity, deformation resistance, the advantages of large temperature range.

To abandon the traditional plastic products manufacturing process, according to the composite material of SMC material performance, choose the moulding pressure molding process, the traditional typical die structure design is improved and optimized on the basis of the material of excellent performance and the perfect combination of advantages of moulding process, to achieve the ideal optimization, simple, applicable and economic effect.

As a supplier of sanitary ware mould, Dacheng mould has developed laundry trough mould, shower room base mould, wash basin mould and bathtub mould. Welcome to consult!

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