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Four features allow the front mask to be made of SMC mold material

Join Date: 2022-04-25

As for what SMC moulding is, there has been a detailed introduction before this.

In this issue, we will talk about why more and more automobile face masks have begun to adopt SMC molding manufacturing. It is mainly caused by the following four characteristics:

SMC mould

(1) SMC moulding light weight: in the case of ensuring stiffness and strength, the same parts, the use of SMC moulding composite material and steel materials, compared to reduce the weight of 20-30%. Therefore, the automotive industry now pay attention to the lightweight era, SMC moldng composite material is the ideal material for the automobile.

(2) SMC molding physical properties: we all know that the general plastic in the case of heating, will melt soft, and this SMC molding material can maintain good strength and stiffness at high temperature, basically can compete with aluminum alloy materials, is the ideal material for plastic steel.

(3) SMC molding corrosion resistance, bending resistance, high reliability:like car cover parts, wind and rain and sun, so it requires strong corrosion resistance, and this SMC molding material, just meet this requirement, it does not need other special treatment, itself is a kind of corrosion resistant material. At the same time, SMC molding material in the impact of external forces, the rebound ability of dents or depressions, also much stronger than steel.

(4) SMC molding heat resistance is good:since the previous SMC mold material has excellent physical properties, in the case of heating still will not become soft, so whether there are specific data to support it? According to enquiries, this SMC moulding material can maintain dimensional stability from -50 degrees Celsius to +200 degrees Celsius. Is it strong?

SMC molding composite materials are not only used in domestic cars, but also in Europe and the United States abroad, car parts are also widely used. Face masks, bumpers, dashboards, hood covers, doorknobs, sunshades, almost everything you see on cars is made out of this material.

The 21st century is the era of composite materials, with the continuous improvement of raw materials and development and technology, SMC molding composite materials will certainly play a greater role in the automotive industry!

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