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SMC meter box mould

Join Date: 2022-05-12

SMC electric meter box is made of SMC unsaturated polyester glass reinforced fiber molding.

SMC meter box mould

Advantages of SMC meter box mold:

1.has the absolute sealing waterproof performance

2.corrosion resistance

3.anti-electric theft performance

4.never need grounding wire

5.beautiful appearance

SMC mold with its unique performance, to solve the wooden, steel, plastic meter box easy aging, easy corrosion, poor insulation, poor cold resistance, poor flame retardant, short life defects.

SMC glass steel meter box excellent performance, absolute sealing waterproof performance, anti-corrosion performance, anti-electric performance, never need to ground wire, beautiful appearance, lock and seal safety protection, life outdoor can reach more than 40 years, more than 60 years indoor, strength of 1N.m, is other metal plastic meter box incomparable.

SMC mould products are widely used in residential construction and civil electricity transformation.

Dacheng Mold in SMC meter box mold design, manufacturing experience, exquisite technology, loved by customers, in addition to SMC meter box system, SMC bathroom mold, SMC car mold, SMC manhole cover mold and so on, there are many typical cases, customers all over the world, if you have the need, please contact us!

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