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SMC mould is very popular

Join Date: 2022-05-05

Let's start with some abbreviations related to composite materials:

FRP: Fiber Reinforced Plastics, including CFRP, GFRP, AFRP, BFRP, etc. Production methods are divided into two categories, namely wet contact and dry pressure molding.

SMC: Sheet Molding, dry process Molding of unsaturated polyester FRP products.

BMC: Bulk Molding intermediate for semi-dry manufacture of glass fiber reinforced products.

RTM: Resin Transfer Molding

GMT: Glass Mat Reinforced Thermoplastic, Glass Mat Reinforced Thermoplastic.

LFT: Long Fiber reinforced Thermoplastics.

Focus on explaining "SMC mold"

SMC composite is short for Sheet molding compound, dry molding for unsaturated polyester FRP products. The main raw materials are GF (special yarn), UP (unsaturated resin), low shrinkage additives, MD (filler) and various additives.

FRP/composite automotive parts are mainly divided into three categories: body parts, structural parts and functional parts.

1, body parts, including body shell, canopy hard top, skylight, door, radiator grille, headlight reflector, front and rear bumper, and car interior parts. This is the main direction of FRP/composite materials in automotive applications, mainly to meet the needs of streamlined body design and high quality appearance requirements, the development and application potential is still huge. Mainly glass fiber reinforced thermosetting plastic, typical molding process: "SMC mold", "BMC mold" and so on.

2, structural parts: including the front bracket, bumper frame, seat frame, floor, etc., its purpose is to improve the design freedom, versatility and integrity of the parts. The main use of high strength SMC mold, GMT mold, LFT mold and other materials.

3, functional parts: its main characteristics are high temperature resistance, oil corrosion resistance, mainly to the engine and engine peripheral parts. Such as: engine valve cover, intake manifold, oil pan, air filter cover, gear chamber cover, air hood, etc., mainly involved in the process are: SMC mold, BMC mold, GMT mold and so on.

SMC mold in addition to the application in the automotive field, in the railway industry, bathroom industry, medical industry, aerospace industry, electrical and electrical industry have been used, is a popular material.

Dacheng mold has profound experience in SMC mold design and manufacturing, in addition, BMC mold, GMT mold, LFT mold are involved, welcome to consult!

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