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What is carbon fiber mold?

Join Date: 2022-04-01

Dacheng Mould is a professional carbon fiber mould manufacturer with rich experience. MDC uses mould pressing technology and autoclave technology to manufacture fibre mould. In recent years, MDC is researching and developing various CERP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) mould processing moulds. Dacheng Mould has accumulated rich experience in composite material industry, especially carbon fiber mould development, and has provided mould making and small batch production for many well-known automobile enterprises such as Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes Benz, etc.

So what are we talking about carbon fiber molds?

The carbon fiber composite mold is actually a fiber reinforced resin matrix composite structure, and the manufacturing of the mold is the same as the molding of carbon fiber composite material. In short, the carbon fiber composite material is applied to the transition core mold by laminating or other ways, and then solidified into a mold. Of course, some follow-up processing should be carried out before being used as a mold, such as trimming, grinding, surface coating, assembly and so on.

The obvious advantages of the carbon fiber composite mold are light weight, large stiffness, close to the thermal expansion coefficient of the carbon fiber composite component, and high dimension accuracy of the component manufactured. At the same time, the carbon fiber composite mold surface is made of prepreg, which can be repaired and reused arbitrarily, with high efficiency.

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