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carbon fiber thermoset mold

Join Date: 2020-12-04

Thermosetting resin-based composite materials are based on thermosetting resins such as unsaturated polyester resins, epoxy resins, phenolic resins, vinyl ester resins, etc., and glass fibers, carbon fibers, aramid fibers, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers, etc. Composite materials made of reinforced materials. Thermoplastic resin matrix composite materials mainly include long fiber reinforced pellets (LFP), continuous fiber reinforced prepreg tape (MITT) and glass fiber mat reinforced thermoplastic composite materials

For carbon fiber, the processing of traditional carbon fiber products is mostly based on thermosetting molding, but the current carbon fiber products are gradually changing from traditional thermosetting carbon fibers to thermoplastic carbon fibers

Traditional thermosetting plastics can soften and flow when they are heated for the first time, and when heated to a certain temperature, they will undergo a cross-chain curing reaction and become hard. This change is irreversible. After that, when heated again, it can no longer soften and flow. Thermoplasticity is a physical change, except that the heated state of the substance changes, but the structure does not change. Thermoplastics become soft and flow when heated, and become hard when cooled. This process is reversible.

Thermoplastic carbon fiber composite material is a composite material with carbon fiber as the reinforcing material and thermoplastic resin as the matrix. The thermoplastic carbon fiber composite material is suitable for forming high-end mechanical parts. It has excellent machinability, vacuum formability, moldability and moldability. Bending workability, etc. Moreover, as long as the material reaches a certain temperature again, it can be reshaped. From the characteristics of the material itself, it is both recyclable and environmentally friendly.

MDC is a carbon fiber mold manufacturer specializing in carbon fiber molding for aerospace, medical equipment, transportation and automobile industries. We provide carbon fiber thermoset molds and carbon fiber thermoplastic molds. The products produced are not only sought after in China, but related carbon fiber products have been exported to Europe, America and other countries for a long time.

carbon fiber thermoset mold

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