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What are the types of compression mold?

Join Date: 2020-01-10

Compression mold plays an important role in the pressing process, it is composed of cavity side and core side. When we close the mold, the material inside the cavity becomes a molten state under the high heat and high pressure, and then fills in the whole cavity. Waiting several time, the product is solidified and formed. We can take out the product by opening the compression mold with ejector system. So what are the types of compression mold

A. According to the connection with the press

  1. Movable mold. The mold is not fixed on the press. In general, mold parting, loading, closing and taking out the product after molding are all doing outside the press. Mold itself doesn’t need the heating system. This kind of mold is suitable for mass produce medium and small products. The movable mold has simple structure, short manufacturing cycle and low cost. However, the process of materials putting, mold opening and parts taking are all manual operation with high labor intensity and low production efficiency.
  2. Stationary mold. The mold is fixed on the press and has a heating system. The whole production process including mold parting, loading, closing and taking out the product after molding are all doing on the press. The working life is long, and it is suitable for mass production of products with large size.
  3. Semi-stationary mold. This mold is somewhere in between we talked above. Generally, the cavity is fixed on the press. The core can be moved along the guide rail and positioned with the positioning block.

B. According to the closed form of cavity and core

  1. Open mold. The mold is characterized by no feeding chamber. This kind of mold structure is simple, low cost, durable, easy to demolding, easy to install and insert.
  2. Closed mold. The feeding chamber of the mold is the continuation part of the upper part of the mold cavity, without extruding surface. The pressure applied by the press all act on the product. There is only little material overflow of the mold. The compactness of the product is good, the mechanical strength is high, and the flash is in the vertical direction, easy to remove. This kind of mold is suitable for the products with complicated shape, thin wall and long flow, and also for the mold with small fluidity, large unit pressure and high density. Its disadvantage is quantity of material must be controlled accurately. The side wall of the feeding chamber is easily damaged due to friction between the die punch and the side wall of the feeding chamber, and the wall of the feeding chamber with damage marks is easy to damage the surface of the products.
  3. Semi-hermetic mold. There is a feeding chamber on the mold cavity, there is extruding ring in the mold cavity, the product's compactness is better than the open mold molding products, and easy to ensure the height direction dimension accuracy, when demolding can avoid abrading products.

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