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Fiber glass compression mould

Join Date: 2019-11-01

Compression mould (also known as compression tooling) is usually used in the field of composite materials, such as glass fiber mold, and carbon fiber mold. GFRP is a kind of glass fiber reinforced plastics, which is generally used to strengthen unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin matrix, and glass fiber or its products are used as reinforcement materials. According to the differences (unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin), the glass fiber mould includes SMC compression mould, BMC compression mould, LFT compression mould and GMT compression mould.

As a professional compression mould manufacturer, MDC specialties in glass fiber compression mold. With the development of the industry, there are a variety of glass fiber compression mould, the performance is also improving. Advantages of FRP mould:
1. It can make full use of raw materials and reduce the loss to less than 5%.
2. Reduce the deformation of the product.
3. MDC through some special processes to reduce the wear rate and maintenance cost of the cavity.
4. Because the size of the products that can be formed by the glass fiber mould is only determined by the press ,power and clamping plate of machine, it can make large flat products.
5. According to the experience, MDC can produce multi cavity mould to improve the efficiency and reduce production cost.
6. The mold state is stable and the pressed product has good repeatability. Due to the characteristics of FRP material, the shrinkage of the product is relatively small.
7. The FRP mould can be designed completely according to the customer's press and on-site production conditions, which is convenient for the realization of specialized and automatic production with high production efficiency.
8. MDC fully uses high-speed milling, five axis milling and other modern processing equipment to complete the production of FRP mould, with high mould precision and accurate grasp of product size.
9. MDC can make the mold cavity reach the standard of mirror polishing, the surface of the product is bright and clean, without secondary decoration.
10. It can form products with complex structure in one time.

MDC Mould has rich theoretical knowledge and many years of production experience in FRP mould. MDC has a complete set of FRP mould pressing production line and various FRP mould processing equipment, such as high-speed milling, deep hole drilling and five axis processing equipment, 1250t, 3000t, 4000t press machine, etc. MDC can meet the molding pressure demand of customers from 200t to 4000t or above and also the production requirements of various large and Super Large FRP products can be realized

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