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Do you know compression mold?

Join Date: 2022-04-11

Today we are going to know what is compression mold .

compression mould

compression mold that is compressed to form a solidified material. You can also call it a stamping die, or even a tablet die. Specifically, it is to put the mold into the metal mold, under a certain temperature and pressure, molding.

Mainly used for thermosetting plastic molding, also can be used for thermoplastic molding.

compression mold

There are many kinds of compression molding materials: prepreg tape, fiber mixture, SMC, BMC, etc., and Dacheng mold is mainly engaged in the design, development and manufacture of SMC mold, BMC mold, GMT mold, LFT mold, FRP mold and carbon fiber mold. Experience is richer in this piece!

compression mold products good stability, high recovery, good process controllability, so compression mold is also widely used in agriculture, transportation, electric power, chemical, construction, machinery and other fields.compressionmold to process equipment requirements are relatively high, Dacheng die has a better control of molding temperature, material paving way and the key method of producing high-quality press die.

Dacheng mould focus on compression mold , contact us, to give you the best quality assurance!

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