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large compression mold

Join Date: 2020-01-28

MDC Mould was established in 1997. Now MDC is a leading compression mold maker in china, including SMC, BMC, GMT, LFT, LWRT, CARBON FIBER and in mold punching, holes punching, edge cutting process, etc. Our experience in mold design and manufacture spans many industries including Automotive, Electrical, House wares, Industrial and many more.

As you know, one of advantages at MDC Mould is to build big compression mold, because of available big press machine 4000T and milling machines with big table size of toolshop. Besides MDC Mould has a complete production line from mould machinery till mold try-out. The equipments of try-out including water temperature controller, heating oven, etc.  All of these equipments are our owned.

Hereby you can find the big shell mold we produced for Toshiba Japan (also produced similar molds for Simens and GE). This mold has around 37 tons, and previously been used 2000T press, but now this press machine has been replaced by 4000T, in order to expand our capacity.

MDC Mould has also produced air conditioner cover mold for our customer using D-LFT process. For this D-LFT air conditioner cover, our customer and MDC Mould have applied for GWR(Guniess World Records) due to large part size&mold weight for new technology of this part, and finally passed. 

Mold size of this mold:3700*2600*850MM
Mold weight:95T
Molding pressure:5000T
Part weight:45Kg
This large compression mold for MDC was a milestone, which means MDC Mould is able to make large mold till 100 tons.

Please don't hesitate to keep in touch with our business team about your requirements.

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