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Why can SMC mold be widely used in automobile industry?

Join Date: 2022-03-02

The application of “SMC mold” is mainly concentrated in the fields of transportation (especially automobile industry), construction, electronics and electrical appliances, such as automobile bumper, fender, spoiler and so on.

The rapid development of “SMC mold” is mainly due to the technological progress(SMC tool) in two aspects and the advantages of SMC molding process: 1. Introduce various thermoplastics as low shrinkage and low profile additives of SMC system; 2. Alkaline earth metal oxides or hydroxides are added into the formula as the thickener of the system to control the viscosity change in different stages.

SMC molding process is especially suitable for the mass production of parts or products with high precision, complex structure, high appearance requirements and different application requirements, and the process can realize mechanization, automation and high product quality stability.

SMC mold” has the following characteristics:

1、Light weight and high strength. Achieve the goal of lightweight; Achieve energy conservation objectives; Good shock resistance and energy absorption.
2、The freedom of product design is large. Realize the streamlined design of products; The hollow structure is formed by post bonding technology; Reduce product weight.
3、The material has good fluidity and can realize the molding of complex structure. One time forming of reinforcement and platform structure; Forming of embedded parts; Realization of core pulling structure.
4、It can achieve car grade surface quality level. It can realize the bonding between SMC parts or between SMC parts and metal parts; High temperature paint baking can be realized with the car body; The coefficient of linear expansion is very low.
5、Low thermal conductivity and good corrosion resistance. Heat insulation, sound insulation, shock absorption and corrosion resistance.

Based on the above advantages, “SMC mold” can be widely used in the automobile industry. MDC Mould is a Chinese automobile mold manufacturer and automobile molding manufacturer, specializing in the manufacture of automobile molds, such as trunk mold, bumper mold, front cover mold, door mold, decorative plate mold, pedal mold and so on. MDC MOuld has rich experience in auto parts molding. Welcome to contact.

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