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SMC mold | Lamborghini's favored advanced manufacturing process

Join Date: 2022-03-07

For all of us, Lamborghini is one of the top sports car brands in the world. So why did I mention it today?

Lamborghini's lines are rigid and stylish, and each model is a meticulously crafted classic. Whether it is the character, history, and temperament of the car model, it can be perfectly reflected in the shape. What impresses us most is the "swoosh" sound that it "speeds" past in front of us, which is different from the sound of other ordinary cars, giving people a full sense of luxury!

So the question is, what makes Lamborghini unique? Here, the editor has to mention "SMC mold".

"SMC mold" is one type of mold for thermoforming process. "SMC mold" requires a heating system for the mold cavity and core, and the temperature difference is maintained at about 5 degrees Celsius. After the process parameters are set, the sheet mold material is placed in the mold, the mold is closed, and the raw material is melted into the mold cavity using the set temperature and pressure.

SMC has the advantages of light weight, high strength, no rust, etc. It is an excellent material for manufacturing products, so "SMC mold" is widely used in the automotive industry.

As for the Lamborghini we mentioned earlier, its body shell uses "SMC mold" to meet its required strength and stiffness, and the cool sound of the sports car we mentioned also benefits from this.

As a supplier of "SMC mold", Dacheng Mould has many years of research in the design of "SMC mold" and "SMC mold" technology, and has a matching test line for "SMC mold" to ensure "SMC mold" from the original design. To follow-up mass production to meet customer needs.

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