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DSM and Nexeo partnership for FDM filaments

Join Date: 2018-12-24

After years of producing plastic granules, DSM is now making 3D printing filament

Materials maker DSM Engineering Plastics has partnered with distributor Nexeo Solutions to market filaments for the 3D printing market. DSM has previously only sold raw materials in the form of plastic granules.

DSM has developed two special filament grades, Arnitel ID and Novamid ID, that offer an alternative to the ABS and PLA filaments that dominate the fused deposition moulding (FDM) 3D printing market.

Arnitel ID is a highly flexible copolyester used in electronics and sports applications. In its filament form it is claimed to have better UV and chemical resistance compared with other flexible polymers such as TPUs, and which reaches elongation at break up to 400%.

DSM drew upon its knowledge of the wire and cable industry to develop a polymer which it claims exhibits no buckling and offers a higher print speed than the existing thermoplastic elastomers in the market. DSM also claims that it offers superior layer-to-layer adhesion than ABS, PLA or TPU filaments.

Novamid ID is a PA that was originally developed for the automotive and electronics industry and is resistant to harsh environments and temperatures up to 150°C. The maker claims it offers superior layer-to-layer adhesion, strength and toughness compared with other 3D printing materials. And the high crystallinity of the polymer allows for designs with overhangs.

“The 3D printing sector, and particularly its FDM segment, represents an exciting, high-growth market with huge potential,” said Fredric Petit, global business director at DSM.

Gianpaolo Armando, VP EMEA at Nexeo, said: “Our customers will have access to a brand new range of products specifically developed for 3D printing. As a global distributor, Nexeo Solutions achieves an important innovation milestone on our aim to connect customers and suppliers in simple and unimagined ways.”

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