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Gas delivery and dosing system for large mouldings

Join Date: 2018-12-25

The T-400 series is a gas delivery system for large injection moulding applications

Trexel, the US-based maker of microcellular foaming systems for injection moulding, has introduced the T-400 Series SCF (Super Critical Fluid). The new machine is a gas delivery and dosing system developed for large moulding applications with a shot weight of 2.5 to 12.5kg.

Following similar performance standards to the smaller T-series counterparts, the T-400’s claimed advantages include material savings through density reduction in the material, increased opportunity to optimise mood design for secondary material saving, reduced clamp tonnage requirement (allowing for the purchase of smaller machines, reducing initial outlay) and improved dimensions, particularly with polyolefins, for better tolerances.

Available options include a nitrogen purity control for production quality and a dual inlet for production continuity.

The T-400 has been designed to deliver high doses of nitrogen for large parts. The SCF system can deliver 50g of nitrogen in a 45 s cycle (equating to 0.5% by weight for a 10kg part weight). It is designed for moulding machines with a screw size greater than 90mm.

The MuCell T-Series delivery system is a nitrogen delivery and dosing system designed to convert industrial grade nitrogen into a super critical fluid. The system doses and injects the super critical fluid into the plasticising unit of the injection moulding machine at a pressure up to 240 bar, which creates a lower density microcellular material structure in the moulded plastic part. It produces gas on an on-demand basis to minimise energy consumption and maximise booster pump life time.

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