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Amut introduces new generation of thermoforming machines

Join Date: 2019-01-06

Amut SpA’s Cimi Divison introduced a new generation of thermoforming machines, the VPK C84 series, in inline or offline configurations. Three-station or four-station models are available.

Production s-peed is up to 35 cycles per minute. The mould measures 840 millimeters by 650 mm.

The VPK C84 can handle a range of materials, such as PET, polypropylene, polystyrene, polylactic acid and PVC, and to make products including trays, lids, berry boxes, clamshells, nursery trays and plates.

The machine is equipped with a servo-driven upstacker, with robot stacking on request, and a precise individual heating element control for top and bottom ovens, with open zone configuration.

The VPK C84 machines are completely servo driven, and equipped with new software with a full diagnostic function, plus an easy-use interface.

Amut is based in Novara, Italy.

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