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BMC Molding

Join Date: 2019-01-08

BMC named Bulk Molding compound, is glass fiber reinforced thermoset polymer material used in compression molding, as well as injection molding, and transfer molding. Each molding process depends on the type of your product. The BMC or block molding compound conforms to the mold shape by applying pressure and heat until a reaction occurs. Its application includes electrical, automotive, bathroom, etc.

BMC molding process is performed by compression in a BMC mold at a temperature and pressure of 130 -170oC (typically 20-100 bar) or in an injection molding machine (mold temperature of 145 -175oC, pressure 80-160 bar). MDC Mould, as a professional BMC mold maker in china, can make this type of mold with process of injection molding and compression molding. At this moment, MDC Mould has produced BMC mold in electrical industry, as well as bathroom industry and Automotive industry, such as BMC lamp housing, BMC washing basin, and BMC head lamp, etc.

Depending on finish client use, compounds area unit developed to attain tight dimensional management, flame resistance, high nonconductor strength, corrosion and stain resistance and color stability. Its glorious flow characteristics build BMC like minded to a good type of applications requiring exactitude well and dimensions. the fabric is out there during a wide range of colours. Meanwhile, BMC injection mold is also available for MDC Mould, as we have 600T BMC injection machine for testing and small volume production.

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