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Gaudlitz and Intensa end Czech JV to take separate paths

Join Date: 2018-12-10

Photo by Gaudlitz Gaudlitz makes parts for gearbox housings, among its moulding work for automotive,medical and industrial applications.

German technical injection moulder Gaudlitz group has consolidated control of its international operations with the recent integration of a former joint venture plant at Da?ice in the Czech Republic.

Since 2007, the Coburg, Germany-based firm has jointly owned the Czech moulding business, holding an 83% stake, along with its minority Austrian partner Intensa Group. But Gaudlitz acquired the minority share in December 2015 from Intensa to strengthen its international position.

Meanwhile, Intensa, based in Gross-Siegharts, Austria, is also going its own way. The firm, which specialises in automotive component moulding, will continue to serve central Europe with its own Czech offshoot, Precision Engineering s.r.o., also at Da?ice.

The joint-venture Da?ice subsidiary, equipped with 24 injection moulding lines, produces plastics based components, assemblies and systems for industrial sectors. Its strengths include overmoulding of insert parts, plug assembly, liquid silicone rubber overmoulding of plastic parts and assembly of systems in the ESD area.

Under the deal, Gaudlitz has taken on the 78-strong Czech plant workforce with the exception of its general manager Erik Barták who immediately became general manager of tooling and manufacturing at Intensa Group.

“With the integration of the joint venture, we have set down yet another milestone for our drive towards internationalisation, and the strength of our competitiveness in the global market,” Gaudlitz said in a statement on the transaction which was completed for an undisclosed sum.

Its erstwhile partner Intensa plans to install a range of new Engel supplied rotary table injection moulding machines from 80 to 300 tonnes clamping force at its plant to turn out prototypes and volume mouldings for regional customers.

The 300 tonne unit is well suited to the production of larger sized complex insert mouldings as they are increasingly used for innovative e-mobility, ECY and electrified power train applications, said Intensa in its statement.

Gaudlitz group, which has run a wholly-owned moulding subsidiary at Wuxi, China since 2008, last year rolled out a fresh website and brand new corporate image following the 2014 arrival of its new CEO Niels Roelofsen.

The firm last year revealed longer term plans to expand its production capacity at the Chinese facility in the coming five years.

Gaudlitz has focused on serving the automotive industry, but has grown in the medical precision component moulding area with the addition of a class 8 clean room at the Coburg plant and also sells parts to the industrial engineering industry.

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