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Engel expands in UAE ahead of Arabplast

Join Date: 2018-12-15

Photo by Engel Engel sees growth potential as Dubai prepares for World Expo 2020

Austrian injection moulding machinery supplier Engel has set up a service base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to ensure proximity to customers.

In a statement ahead of Arabplast 2019, to be held in Dubai 5-8 Jan, the Schwertberg-based company said its service team had “particularly” expanded in the Middle East, and that it had been able to recruit “a very experienced technician” for the UAE team.

At Arabplast, Engel will be demonstrating the “tailor-made interplay” between the injection moulding machine, automation, and the mould to achieve “optimum efficiency, maximum performance and consistent quality.”

According to Engel, as the UAE prepares to host the World Expo 2020, the construction, logistics and packaging sectors in particular are benefiting from the preparations for the event, which is expected to be visited by “several million” visitors.

"Plastics processors in these industries are increasingly investing in the modernisation and expansion of their machinery," said Andreas Leitner, sales director Middle East at Engel in the run-up to Arabplast.

Demand, according to Leitner, is particularly high for solutions that lead to greater efficiency and further increase sustainability.

And Engel claims to be one of the “preferred suppliers” as an innovation-driven company with a high level of automation and expertise in system solutions.

In addition to injection moulding machines, Engel develops process technologies, robots and special automation solutions in-house and also collaborates with partner companies.

In Dubai, Swiss toolmaker, Otto Hofstetter, is exhibiting along with Engel displaying thin-walled packaging. The two partners, according to Engel, have many joint reference projects in the UAE.

The duo will be presenting a whole range of different thin-walled containers – from small food containers to larger paint buckets – which are manufactured using in-mould labelling (IML) at low unit costs.

For this purpose, a decorative film is automatically inserted into the mould and back-moulded with thermoplastic material.

Engel will also be displaying its e-cap machine, specifically developed for cap production. E-cap is claimed by Engel to be “the only cap machine” on the market providing all-electric operation with a clamping force range as high as 4,200 kN.

The machine is also energy efficient and requires 0.4 kWh of electricity/kg in order to manufacture 26 mm caps made of high-density polyethylene in a 72-cavity mould, for instance.

The machine has cycle times of less than 2 seconds and as it is all-electric, it also saves cooling water.

"The lowest possible energy and cooling water consumption values are crucial in the UAE," pointed out Leitner, adding that the trend in cap production was towards all-electric machines.

For the construction industry, Engel is displaying its tie-bar-less victory machines, which are compact solutions for voluminous moulds

In the construction industry, fittings are produced in large quantities and place high demands on suppliers.

Generally, fitting production requires a large number of core-pulls and slide valves, thus leading to particularly large moulds.

However, Engel machines have no tie bars, which means the choice of injection moulding machine is not determined by mould volume, but rather by the clamping force required for the injection moulding process.

“This way, large moulds fit on comparatively small machines, which keeps investment costs low,” Engel added.

ArabPlast 2019, the largest trade expo for plastics, petrochemicals and rubber industry in the MENA region. The previous edition of ArabPlast witnessed 906 exhibitors from 41 countries and 27,268 visitors from 119 countries.

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