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Medical components maker Osypka invests €4m in new Czech plant

Join Date: 2018-12-16

Photo by Oscomed / Osypka

Medical products moulder Osypka s.r.o. just formally launched a 4,400m2 plant expansion, extending its production capacity on a new site at Odry, in the east of the Czech Republic.

This extension, part of an investment of nearly €4m by its parent firm Osypka AG based in Rheinfelden, Germany, comes after the Czech business outgrew its existing site near the town.

For the past two years, Osypka s.r.o. was making a range of disposable sterile products and assemblies there in cooperation with its parent company and its German affiliate Oscomed GmbH. of Sonneberg.

The new Czech plant is sited on industrial land bought from the Odry municipal authority. In a second phase, the unit will include a new 500m2 clean room facility for producing sterile medical products, particularly for cardiology, endoscopy and open would care, according to Osypka.

Currently, it employs 50 in Odry and the workforce for the expanded operation is scheduled to grow to number around 150 by the end of next year. The Czech firm manufactures a range of 60 medical products, exporting to 60 countries, including Japan, the US and China.

"We now have enough capacity and the best working conditions at the new location to serve the growing market in medical technology and to satisfy our customers," said Kurt Eva, managing director and founder of the company Osypka s.r.o.

Osypka AG’s chief executive officer Achim Kitschmann believes the new plant provides an excellent opportunity to expand capacity further at the Czech offshoot and to “develop new business fields in the OEM area”.

“We are confident we will be able to further advance the location in the Czech Republic with our technical know-how and, in particular, to occupy a leading position as a supplier of complex medical devices for class III products,” he said.

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