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Evolva partners US Navy for advanced material development

Join Date: 2018-12-17

Photo by Evolva

Switzerland-based Evolva, a sustainable materials company, has announced it is working with the US Navy on the joint development of advanced materials. Evolva states it has signed a Limited Purpose Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA).

The partnership will focus specifically on the development, validation and potential commercialism of new lightweight, fire-resistant composite materials, says Evolva.

These materials would be used in aircraft, waterborne craft, fabrics, armoured vehicles, and construction. Evolva says the materials are based on a molecule that can be manufactured on an industrial scale using biotechnology and fermentation, then polymerised and moulded using standard techniques.

Evolva CEO Neil Goldsmith said: “This agreement highlights and validates the versatility of our product innovation platform and depth of our plant science expertise. This CRADA also illustrates just how far and wide Evolva is making inroads across multiple industries with its building-with-biology platform.”

The US Navy would, if the project is successful, gain unique composite materials that are fire resistant, stronger and lighter than aluminium, and capable of withstanding high temperatures, says Evolva. It also highlights that these materials would also be more sustainably sourced and less expensive than other materials.

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