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BMW tops Mercedes-Benz for first time this year

Join Date: 2018-10-16

BWM Group outsold German rival Mercedes-Benz in China for the first time this year in September.

BMW Group said it delivered 59,616 vehicles under the BMW and Mini brands, a jump of 13 percent from a year earlier. The company didn’t divulge separate sales for the two brands.

Mercedes-Benz’s China sales increased 6.9 percent to 54,632.

BMW Group still lagged Audi in monthly sales in China.

With September deliveries advancing 13 percent to 65,767, Audi remained the largest luxury automotive seller for the third month in a row.

In the first three quarters, however, Mercedes-Benz still outsold Audi as well as BMW in China. Through September, Mercedes-Benz sales rose 13 percent year on year to 500,707 while Audi deliveries jumped 15 percent to 483,001.

BMW Group sales increased 5.3 percent to 459,629 in the same period.

New deals

New deals

BMW Group has secured two important deals in China with local automakers to expand its presence in the world’s largest new-vehicle market.

Last week, BMW Group signed an agreement with Chinese partner Brilliance China Automotive Holdings to raise its stake in their joint venture to 75 percent, BWM Brilliance Automotive.

BMW Brilliance, currently a 50-50 partnership between BMW Group and Brilliance China, builds the 1-, 2-, 3- and 5-series sedans as well as the X1 and X3 crossovers for the BMW brand in the northeast China city of Shenyang.

With BMW Brilliance under its control, BMW Group plans to boost the joint venture’s annual production capacity to 650,000 vehicles in three to five years, from 400,000 vehicles now.

This year, BMW Group reached a deal with major Chinese light-truck maker Great Wall Motor Co. to assemble electric vehicles for Mini in the east China city of Zhangjiagang. The new venture is to launch its first product in 2021.

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