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Carbon fiber autoclave mould

Join Date: 2022-05-31

There are dozens of molding processes for carbon fiber composite materials, among which carbon fiber autoclave molding process is the most common and widely used molding method.

Carbon fiber autoclave mold means that the carbon fiber prepreg is laid on the mold according to layering requirements, and the blank is sealed in a vacuum bag and placed in the carbon fiber autoclave. In the vacuum state, after the autoclave equipment temperature, pressure, heat preservation, cooling and pressure relief procedures, using the autoclave provided at the same time uniform temperature and uniform distribution pressure to achieve curing, so that the surface and interior of high quality, complex shape, huge area of carbon fiber composite material parts.

Carbon fiber autoclave mould is widely used in aerospace, composite materials, electronics, weapons, transportation, sports equipment and new energy and other high-tech fields. At present, autoclave process, as one of the forming methods of carbon fiber composite components, is also widely used by many carbon fiber composite component manufacturers.

Advantages of carbon fiber autoclave mold

(1) Uniform pressure of carbon fiber autoclaved mould: the use of gas pressure, pressure through the vacuum bag to the surface of the product, the normal pressure at each point is equal, so that the parts are in the same pressure curing molding.

(2) The temperature of the carbon fiber autoclave mold is uniform and adjustable: the circulating hot air flow is used to heat the workpiece in the tank, and the temperature difference is small everywhere. At the same time, the cooling system, so that the temperature can be strictly controlled within the process setting range.

(3) Carbon fiber autoclave mold has a wide range of application: the mold is simple and high efficiency. Not only suitable for large area of complex surface of the plate, shell, but also suitable for simple shape of the plate, rod, tube, block, can also be used for bonding assembly, small parts can be cured at the same time.

(4) Stable and reliable molding process of carbon fiber autoclave mold: uniform pressure and temperature, adjustable and controllable, so that the quality of molding or handover products is consistent and reliable; Low porosity, controllable and uniform resin content; Vacuum can be pumped when pressurized, so that low molecular matter is easy to discharge.

Dacheng Mould is a carbon fiber autoclaved mould manufacturer. Dacheng Mould has accumulated rich experience in the composite material industry, especially in the development of carbon fiber mould, and has provided mould making and small batch production for many well-known car enterprises such as Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes Benz and so on.

Carbon fiber autoclave mould

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