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Carbon fiber molding attention

Join Date: 2020-04-03

Carbon fiber materials have many excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, fatigue resistance, high strength, lightweight, and strong processability. They are gradually replacing traditional materials. At present, carbon fiber products are applied in many fields.

The compression molding process has high production efficiency and is convenient to realize professional and automated production. Carbon fiber products have high dimensional accuracy, smooth surfaces, and can be used to form complex products at one time, but the mold manufacturing is complicated, and the size of the press is limited.

How to mold the carbon fiber?

Firstly prepare the carbon fiber prepreg according to the shape of the product, and then clean the carbon fiber mold to avoid the residue of dust and debris. Then apply a release agent to prevent the product from sticking to the mold after molding. The carbon fiber prepreg is then laminated on the mold to form a dense solid with a regular shape and a certain quality. When closing the mold, set the temperature, pressure and time on the press. During the molding process, pay special attention to the three elements of temperature, pressure and time. After solidification is completed, it is cooled and demolded, and then post-processed as required.

Three elements in carbon fiber compression molding

  • Temperature: The temperature control during the molding mainly includes the temperature of the mold, the heating rate, and the curing temperature. Molding temperature mainly depends on the type of material and the quality index of the material. The temperature is also very important. If the temperature is too high, the solidification speed of the material will be too fast, which will cause the solidification of the inner and outer layers of the material in the mold cavity, which will cause the carbon fiber products to swell and warp. When the molding temperature is too low, the fluidity of the material is poor, and the solidification speed of the material is slow, resulting in low strength of the product.
  • Pressure: The purpose of molding pressure is to avoid defects such as air bubbles, delamination, and loose structure of the product. At the same time, it can increase the fluidity of the material and facilitate the filling of all corners of the mold cavity, making the product compact.
  • Time: The molding time is determined according to the size and difficulty of the product, and the curing time needs to be determined according to the size and difficulty of the resin system product.

MDC is a professional carbon fiber mold manufacturer. We master a variety of carbon fiber molding processes. We have large-scale hot presses, autoclaves, hydraulic forming tables, CNC high-speed milling machines and other equipment to meet the requirements of high-quality carbon fiber molding.

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