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Carbon fiber parts requirements for the mold

Join Date: 2020-05-04

Carbon fiber parts are produced using a compression molding process. In the process of high-temperature curing, some carbon fiber molds are easy to cause large precision errors under high temperature and high pressure, so in the process of making carbon fiber parts, the mold is also required.

The first is the design of the carbon fiber mold. The parting surface of the mold is an important factor that determines the mold structure. The mold structure can be semi-closed. The mold contains upper and lower molds (ie, female and male molds) and mold cores. Carbon fiber has high strength, high hardness, and low thermal expansion coefficient. In order to successfully eject the carbon fiber parts from the cavity intact, a reasonable demoulding mechanism is critical.

Secondly, because resin injection is required, the mold needs to have an injection port and an exhaust port. In the process of resin injection, no air leakage can occur, and the tightness of the mold directly affects the quality of the carbon fiber parts; the accuracy of the mold cavity size, the precision of the upper and lower molds, the smooth inner surface, low roughness, no dust and dirt; The strength and stiffness will not be deformed under the injection pressure, and the general mold is a steel mold or an aluminum mold. There is a certain heating device, which can heat the mold to a certain temperature (60-120 ℃), the temperature distribution of the mold is uniform, and the temperature can be detected and adjusted.

If the quality of carbon fiber products is qualified, it is far from enough to rely on carbon fiber molds, and a perfect molding process is needed. Both the design and manufacture of the mold and the molding process are very important and will directly affect the quality and accuracy of the parts. MDC Mould is a customized enterprise of carbon fiber parts and molds. The company is equipped with a variety of large-scale equipment such as large-scale hot presses, hot press tanks, and hydraulic forming tables. MDC looks forward to becoming loyal friends and partners with you!

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