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Join Date: 2020-09-23

Since 1997, MDC Mould have been designed and manufactured for compression moulding of SMC, BMC and GMT materials. Since then, the great achievement can be used to produce automobile moulds (bumper mould, front panel mould, top panel mould, bottom cover mould, pickup box mould, foot plate mould), bathroom moulds (shower base mould, sink mould, washing tank) mould, bathtub mould), electronic mould (meter box mould, connecting box mould, enclouse mould)

Compression moulding is a large-capacity, high-pressure plastic moulding method, suitable for moulding complex and high-strength objects

Compression moulds are all polished and textured before chrome plating. Compression mould is machined with high hardness P20 and processed by heat-treated H13 or 1.2738.

Compression moulding is one of MDC's largest business. For many years, MDC has specialized in SMC moulding, BMC mould, GMT mould, LFT mould. We have advanced milling machines and professional engineers. Making high-quality moulds is our goal. As the leading die manufacturer in China, MDC Mold will always provide support to our customers. We are honoured to receive the Best Supplier Award from TATA Group in 2019. If anyone has requirements for compression moulds, please contact us.

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