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Compression mould

Join Date: 2020-04-17

Compression moulds are moulded by using plastic in the closed mould cavity by means of pressurized heating. Generally, compression moulds are suitable for thermosetting plastics, such as phenolic plastics, amino plastics, unsaturated polyester plastics, etc.

Compression mould consists of three transitions: pre-pressing, pre-heating and moulding:

  • Pre-pressing is an operation to pre-press powder or fibrous moulding compound into a certain shape in order to improve product quality and increase moulding efficiency.
  • Preheating is to improve the processing performance of the moulding compound and shorten the moulding cycle, etc., to heat the moulding compound before moulding.
  • moulding is the operation of adding the required amount of plastic into the mould, closing the mould, venting, and maintaining it at the moulding temperature and pressure for a period of time, and then removing the mould to clear the mould.

The main equipment for compression mould is presses and moulds. The most used presses are self-contained hydraulic presses, with tonnages ranging from tens of tons to thousands of tons. There are lower pressure presses and upper pressure presses. The moulds used for compression moulding are called pressing moulds and are divided into three categories: overflow moulds, semi-overflow moulds and non-overflow moulds.

The main advantage of the compression mould is that it can mould large flat products and can be mass-produced, but its disadvantage is that the production cycle is long. MDC Mould uses ultra-precision processing technology to create a compression mould that minimizes damage to the mould cavity during moulding and waste of composite materials, and can produce high-precision and high-quality products.

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