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EUROMAP 84 drafts released for extrusion machinery

Join Date: 2018-10-25

Photo by Greiner Extrusion Group

Europe's Association for plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers EUROMAP has released sections of a draft for standardised data exchange interface for extrusion machinery.

EUROMAP 84 is part of a series of standardised interfaces for the crosslinking of plastics and rubber machinery to provide the digital connectivity required for achieving an Industry 4.0 processing environment.

The EUROMAP 84 working group includes experts from 10 leading European extruders and extrusion lines manufactures working together with control systems manufacturers and MES suppliers on standardised information models.

The manufacturer-neutral recommendations aim to facilitate an efficient networking of the extrusion line to central computers/MES as well as within the extrusion line itself.

“This [EUROMAP 84] foremost serves to control the overall production (for example throughput, product quality, energy consumption) and to manage production jobs,” EUROMAP said in a statement 23 Oct.

A new concept was particularly necessary for employment management as the existing job management model of the injection moulding world could not be transferred to extrusion, EUROMAP noted.

In the future stages, various components of an extrusion line will be examined separately to record all important process parameters.

The drafts of some parts, including extrusion lines, extruders, haul-offs, and melt pumps, have now been published on as release candidates.

The sections will be validated in test implementations before they are published as final versions. Additional parts for further components of an extrusion line are in preparation.

With machines and processes becoming increasingly complex, existing hardware interfaces are now reaching their limits. EUROMAP develops new interfaces on the basis of OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA).

The platform-independent and interoperable standard aims to secure the exchange of data in industrial automation in a number of industries.

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