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Automotive industry pushes composites, lightweight is most important

Join Date: 2018-11-19

With the reference info from composite Europe,in which MDC Mould participated by this year, the automotive industry, including commercial vehicles, continues to be one of the major growth drivers for fiber composite solutions.

Lightweight construction plays an especially important role within the context of E-mobility. It's of particular significance for Germany's industry to complelte on a global scale and as a central core technology.

Lightweight construction is an important level for reducing fuel consumption as well. That's reason why many cars currently used low density SMC, C-SMC, or carbon fiber instead of metal parts. Based on report from composite experts, they expect the highest growth rates in the automotive sector including commercial vehicles over the coming years. MDC Mould focus on compression mold, including SMC mould, C-SMC, Carbon fiber mold, etc, and expects to get growth with new core technology.

This is the latest video of MDC MOULD company in China.  which show the  front bumper tool  for lightweight smc material .

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