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Phillips-Medisize meets the brief for spray applicator

Join Date: 2018-10-30

Phillips-Medisize showed its plastics-based pharmaceutical devices at the Pharmapack exhibition in Paris, France in February. The company, which has manufacturing operations in Finland, Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland and Czech Republic, as well as the US, Mexico and China, was acquired by private equity firm Golden Gate Capital last year.

A highlight at Phillips-Medisize’s Pharmapack stand was a spray applicator for a customer whose design requirements demanded that the product was child-proof (an important factor for the product launch – particularly on the US market) and the container was made of PET. All of its components are produced and assembled under hygienic conditions in the company’s plant in Nürensdorf, Switzerland.

Injection moulding and injection stretch blow moulding (ISBM) are used in the spray applicator’s production. In ISBM, the nozzle section of the bottle is formed in the first step, and then the lower part is blow-moulded separately. This ensures proper sealing of the sprayer which is important to ensure that the product is child-proof.

The ISBM container is made of PET and six injection-moulded parts are made of PP or POM. The differently shaped parts require using multi-cavity tools of various sizes on injection moulding machines with clamping forces of 50 to 200 tonnes.

Extensive validation procedures were carried out prior to the production launch: from DQ (Design Qualification), to IQ (Installation Qualification), on to OQ (Operation Qualification) and PQ (Production Qualification).

The validation procedures also have the advantage of reducing the amount of non-recyclable materials that have to be discarded during production – an achievement considering the fact that the various plastic parts have to intermesh precisely and that each part has different tolerances that must not exceed 0.03 mm at most.

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