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SMC Mould | Compression Moulding Process and Application in Construction Products

Join Date: 2022-03-11

The molding process of SMC mold is to first cut the required sheet/bulk molding compound (SMC) into the required shape, peel off the protective film on both sides, overlap according to certain requirements, and then place it in the appropriate position of the mold On, heat and press molding according to the specified process parameters.

The "SMC molds" we mentioned a few times ago are all used in cars. Today, let's talk about the application of "SMC molds".

1. SMC mold - whole house

In the modernization of the housing industry, the overall bathroom represents the overall level of a country's residential construction, and now most of the houses have moved towards a well-off residential scale. And other components are combined, and many of these are used in the "SMC mold" process.

2. SMC mold - seat

"SMC mold" seat has the characteristics of good designability, corrosion resistance, high strength, not easy to be polluted, waterproof, etc., with smooth surface and beautiful color, and is widely used in parks, stations, buses, stadiums, airports and other places.

3. SMC mold - combined water tank

"SMC mold" combined water tank is made of "SMC mold" molded veneer, sealing material, metal structure and piping system. It is a new type of water tank used in general construction. It has the advantages of long service life, no pollution to water quality, beautiful appearance and convenient installation. It is widely used in water storage facilities such as hotels, restaurants, residences, and office buildings.

Dacheng Mould is a very professional manufacturer of "SMC moulds", focusing on composite material moulds and moulding moulds. MDC adheres to the concept of professionalism and integrity, and establishes long-term and mutually beneficial partnership with customers. Through mature technology and thoughtful service, To be a suitable and pleasant choice for customer project development molding and composite tooling. Welcome to contact.

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