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SMC Sanitary mould

Join Date: 2022-05-24

SMC mold, also known as Sheet Molding Compound, is a type of Sheet Molding that dates back to the 1960s.

In its early days, SMC became the darling of the aerospace industry because of its strong, environmentally friendly, lightweight and rigid properties.

After the SMC mold itself has superior electrical insulation, thermal stability, corrosion resistance, light quality and easy engineering design advantages, and can be extremely high labor cost, time cost, gradually popular overall bathroom circle, into the ordinary people's homes.

SMC mold, that is, the use of unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforced sheet molding plastic, so that part of the high temperature one-time molding of high-tech materials. At present SMC mould has been applied to the base material of basin, washing machine tray, toilet floor, wall, top surface, bathtub, table and kitchen cabinet.

SMC shower room base mould SMC bathtub mold SMC washing trough mould

As a resin compound material, SMC mold shows a high sustainable development of green pollution-free environmental performance.

At the same time as the overall bathroom mainstream material, SMC mold material in the production process, does not produce excess waste, high conversion rate of material = finished product also achieved its environmental protection, high temperature curing makes the material curing time shorter, high reproducibility, finished product speed.

SMC wash basin mould

Dacheng mould has rich experience in bathroom mould, designed and manufactured many SMC bathroom mould, and received high praise from customers. Dacheng has developed laundry trough mold, shower room base mold, wash basin mold, bathtub mold and so on. If you have any problems in bathroom mold, you can contact us to give you the best service!

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