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SMC mold | unveil the mystery of bathroom

Join Date: 2022-03-14

Have you ever observed what materials the bathroom is mainly made of? Bathtub, toilet, basin (wash basin), shower base, laundry trough and other products... Are you stunned when you ask? Today, let's unveil the mystery of bathroom.


At present, the materials used in the overall bathroom on the market mainly include SMC, VCM and honeycomb materials, of which "SMC mold" is the mainstream.

The traditional bathtub is made of acrylic resin, which is first formed into embryo by Blister molding machine, then applied with unsaturated resin and fiber for reinforcement, and finally cut edges, punch holes and grind. The process is complex, the production cost is high, and the production capacity is also low. SMC composite molded bathroom products have fast molding and significantly improved production efficiency.

"SMC mold" is a kind of aviation material. Its weight is less than one fifth of that of ceramic tile, but its strength is much better than that of ceramic tile. It will not crack, deform and fall off. Lightweight, tough and durable are its advantages, with a service life of up to 30 years. At the same time, the formaldehyde emission standard of SMC materials reaches the E0 standard level, which fully meets the needs of modern families for environmental protection.

SMC material has a certain elasticity, while the integral bathroom overhead structure layer forms an air layer between the waterproof chassis and the ground, which can effectively buffer the impact. Moreover, SMC material has thermal insulation performance and friendly skin feeling. Keep warm in winter and in summer.

Now you should know what materials the sanitary products we contact every day are mainly made of!

Dacheng mold "SMC mold" has rich manufacturing experience and high quality, which has been highly praised by many customers. It is also very experienced in sanitary ware. Those who need it in this regard can contact us.

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