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SMC Mould - SMC manhole cover mold

Join Date: 2022-04-28

We also often see the existence of manhole covers on urban roads. In the past, manhole covers were mostly made of cast iron, but this kind of material has many disadvantages, such as easy to break, easy to lose, easy to cause accidents, etc. Therefore, people began to study the replacement of cast iron products by polymer composite materials

Therefore, "SMC mold" - "SMC well cover mold" is very popular, "SMC mold" - "SMC well cover mold" can make cellar well cover series products, because it has the following advantages

(1)"SMC mold" - "SMC well cover mold" has high strength, stiffness;

(2)"SMC mold" -- "SMC manhole cover mold" does not deform or break under heat and stress;

(3)"SMC mold" -- "SMC manhole cover mold" has high wear resistance and heat resistance;

(4)"SMC mold" -- "SMC manhole cover mold" has good molding process, low shrinkage rate and good dimensional stability;

(5)"SMC mold" -- "SMC manhole cover mold" has low molding pressure, simple manufacturing process, wide material sources and low price;

SMC mould

"SMC mold" -- "SMC manhole cover mold" has non-recyclable performance, anti-theft (not recyclable). The manhole cover made of SMC material has quickly become the mainstream of this kind of products because of its excellent performance. This kind of product has been tried in many cities, all kinds of performance can reach the performance of manhole cover, at the same time, both environmental protection and anti-theft, the market is huge, it is worth promoting the product. Therefore, "SMC mold" has a good market in the application of manhole cover for urban roads

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