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SMC mold BMC mold

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Sheet molding compound (ABBREVIATED SMC) is a laminated composite consisting of thickening resin, cut (and/or continuous) glass fiber reinforced material, filler, additives, etc. covered with a bearing film on both sides. Thickening agent, inorganic filler, initiator, additive and pigment were added to unsaturated polyester resin to make a mixture of resin, impregnated with short-cut fiber or felt piece, covered with PE film on both sides, after thickening, thin sheet molded plastics were prepared.

Bulk moulding compound (BMC) is a mixture of chopped glass fibres, unsaturated resins, filler calcium carbonate and various additives. It mixes a variety of inert fillers, fiber-reinforced materials, catalysts, stabilizers and pigments in thermosetting plastics to form a gluey "putty like" composite material for pressing or injection molding.

SMC mold


In general, when the mechanical properties of the products, including tensile strength, bending strength and impact strength, etc. are higher, the surface area of the products is larger, and the lightweight of the products is higher, SMC manufacturing process will be selected. SMC mold characteristics are as follows:

●SMC mold is light weight and high strength

●SMC mold integration degree is high, design freedom

●SMC mould has strong corrosion resistance

●SMC mold excellent heat resistance and coating

●SMC mold pressing process is simple

BMC mold


In general, the requirements for economic cost control are too high, and the mechanical strength requirements are lower than SMC requirements; When the electrical properties and flame retardant properties of the products are higher; When the surface area of the product itself is small, people usually choose the manufacturing process of BMC. The specific characteristics of BMC mold are as follows:

●Size stability of BMC mold

●BMC mold has good water and solvent resistance

●High heat resistance of BMC mold

●Aging resistance of BMC mold

●The electrical performance of BMC mold is outstanding


As a mature composite mold manufacturer in China, MDC manufactures various types of glass fiber composite mold (FRP mold, such as SMC, BMC, GMT, LFT), carbon fiber composite mold, LWRT composite mold.

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