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The forming process of carbon fibre tubes in carbon fibre moulds

Join Date: 2021-03-09
In carbon fibre moulds, there are many different ways of forming carbon fibre tubes, the common ones are hand paste forming, pultrusion forming, moulding forming and winding forming.
1, hand paste pressure layer method. The carbon fibre sheet is cut and laminated after dipping in glue, or brushed with resin while laying the layer, and then hot pressed into shape. This method is widely used as it allows you to choose the direction, size and thickness of the fibres. It is important that the shape of the laminate is smaller than the shape of the mould, so that the fibres do not flex when pressed in the mould. In today's highly developed carbon fibre mould preparation technology, the hand paste process is still widely used in many fields such as petrochemical containers, storage tanks, car shells, etc. with the advantages of easy process, low investment and wide application.
2. Extrusion and drawing method. The carbon fibre tow material is completely infiltrated with resin, and the resin and air are removed by squeezing and pulling with traction, and then cured in the oven. This method is simple and suitable for the preparation of rod and tube shaped parts. Can achieve the automation of the carbon fibre mould production process, the production efficiency is high.
3、Moulding method. This method is the carbon fibre prepreg laminated into a metal mould, pressurised to make the excess glue overflow, then high temperature curing molding, after the film off the finished carbon fibre mould out, this method is most suitable for the production of automotive parts. This kind of carbon fiber mould forming technology has the advantages of high efficiency, good quality, high dimensional accuracy, and small influence by the environment, etc. It is suitable for batching and high strength composite parts forming.
4、Winding forming method. The carbon fiber monofilament is wound on the carbon fiber shaft and then cured by heating, which becomes the process of carbon fiber mold products. Carbon fiber winding molding can give full play to its high specific strength, high specific modulus and low density characteristics, the product structure of a single, can be used to manufacture cylindrical, spherical and certain positive curvature of the rotary body or cylinder carbon fiber mold products.

Carbon fibre moulds have many uses in life, some of the common uses are: aerospace crossbeams and wing beams, Formula 1 structural components, arrow shafts, bicycle tubes, kayak paddles.


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