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automotive thermoforming mould

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In the mould production process, the selection of raw materials is very important. The producer needs to consider many factors, such as material hardness, ductility, dimensional stability, workability, wire cutting processability, surfacing, polishing, hardenability and Impact resistance, etc. When designing automotive thermoforming moulds, different materials must be selected according to different usage conditions to ensure the service life of the mould, because the service life of the mould directly affects the quality and cost of the finished product. In the field of automotive thermoforming moulds, it is extremely important to avoid cracking and wear resistance. Therefore, strength, wear-resistance and toughness limits are one of the main considerations for selecting mould materials.

The wear resistance of automotive thermoforming moulds will directly affect the life of the mould, so mould manufacturers will use the quenching process to process the thermoforming mould to increase the hardness and wear resistance and extend the service life of the mould. After quenching and other heat treatments, the mould material will show a more uniform and dense metal structure and improve its comprehensive mechanical properties.

China automotive mould companies usually use two methods to process moulds, one is the traditional grinding process used by most companies, and the other is the high-speed hard milling process used by a few companies. Compared with traditional grinding processing, high-speed hard milling processing has the advantages of good flexibility, no pollution and high production efficiency. In general, the processing of automotive thermoforming mould has a certain degree of complexity, and it has important practical significance to promote the development of the automotive mould industry.

automotive thermoforming mould

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