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compression molding for carbon fiber

Join Date: 2020-03-27

The carbon fiber compression molding process is to put a certain amount of carbon fiber prepreg into the cavity of a metal mold, use a press machine with a heat source to generate a certain temperature and pressure, and make the prepreg enter under the action of a certain temperature and pressure. Stencil. After closing the mold, it is heated and softened in the cavity, flows under pressure, and is filled and shaped in the cavity to obtain a carbon fiber part.

The compression molding process is characterized by the need for heating during the molding process. The purpose of heating is to soften the carbon fiber prepreg and fill it with the mold cavity and accelerate the curing reaction of the material. The pressure required during the molding process is relatively high. This requires carbon fiber mold with high strength, high precision and corrosion resistance.

This type of molding process is a suitable manufacturing system for producing complex, high-strength carbon fiber, aramid fiber, or glass fiber components. Now let us introduce the process of carbon fiber compression molding:

  • (1) Cutting and delamination of prepreg. Prepare the appropriate amount of carbon fiber raw materials, and then stack the raw materials one by one. Compacted into a dense solid with a regular shape and a certain mass;
  • (2) Forming and curing. Put the stacked raw materials into a carbon fiber mold, close the mold, apply a certain constant pressure, constant temperature, and set a constant time to make it solidify
  • (3) Cooling demolding. Cool the hot-pressed mold for a period of time, then open the carbon fiber mold, remove the carbon fiber molding parts, and then clean the mold;
  • (4) Processing. The product after demolding needs to be cleaned, scrape off the remaining raw materials with a steel brush or copper brush, and polish the formed carbon fiber parts to make the surface smooth and tidy.
  • (5) Inspection. According to production requirements, measure the size and accuracy of carbon fiber parts, and carefully check for product defects.

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