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What is compression mould?

Join Date: 2022-05-04

Compression mould is a molding process in which a preheated polymer is placed into an open heated die cavity. The mold is then sealed and pressure applied so that the material contacts all areas of the mold.

Compression mould is usually used for molding moulds. The upper and lower parts of the mould are fixed on the press. The forming material is placed on the open mould and then the press is closed. Melt the raw material and fill the cavity of the mold under the preset temperature and pressure generated by the press.


At present, compression mould has become a popular technology.

Advantages of compression mould:

1. It uses advanced composite materials that tend to be stronger, lighter and more resistant to corrosion than metal parts, resulting in objects with better mechanical properties.

2. Another advantage of compression mould is its ability to make very complex parts. Although the technology can't quite reach the production speed of plastic injection molding, it does offer more geometry than typical laminate composites.

3. It also allows for longer fibers than plastic injection molding, making the material stronger. Therefore, compression mould can be regarded as the intermediate zone between plastic injection molding and laminate composite manufacturing.

4. compression mould is an advantageous process for manufacturers in many industries because of its ability to manufacture complex parts in a variety of applications while putting part cost and production cycle first.

Based on this, Dacheng mold is very skilled in compression mould technology, at the same time, Dacheng can design, produce, manufacture molding mold. For compression mould, MDC has mastered and innovated the molding process, analyzing material properties and product requirements, and taking into account applied pressure, temperature, time and other factors to ensure that the material flows evenly in the mold cavity and fills the mold to achieve the perfect product.

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