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Adval Tech to mould Audi parts at new Mexican plant

Join Date: 2018-12-05

Adval Tech

Auto parts producer Adval Tech Group is set to launch series production of plastic air flow deflection elements and air guidance systems for car manufacturer Audi at Adval’s new Mexican plant from this April.

In the medium term, Adval Tech (Mexico) plans to employ between 100 and 170 at the injection moulding operation. The new plant was inaugurated last November at the El Marqués industrial park in Querétaro, central Mexico.Adval Tech of Niederwangen, Switzerland, has invested around €10m in setting up its first operation in Mexico, initially aimed at serving the local plant of its established customer Audi. The expansion is in line with the group’s strategy of growing its business organically along with its customers - chiefly automotive manufacturers and tier one suppliers.

But Adval Tech has not ruled out expansion through adding new outside businesses. It is considering further growth through specific targeted acquisitions, it said.

The Swiss metal, plastics and composite component producer and mould maker has 14 production plants in Europe, China, Thailand and Malaysia as well as in Brazil and the US. Its mould making subsidiaries operate under the brand name Foboha.

Meanwhile, Adval Tech reported that it increased production of plastics moulded auto parts at the expense of metal component forming last year at its plant at Szekszárd in south western Hungary.

The facility that makes air/water separation components for Audi and BMW employs a 268-strong workforce and recorded annual sales in 2015, little changed from the previous year at about €25m, according to its Hungary managing director István Laczik.

It was in 2007 that Adval Tech established its Hungarian operation through the acquisition of the local company QSCH Termel? és Kereskedelmi Kft. in Szekszárd.

Adval Tech specialises in the production of high-volume quality moulded parts, assemblies and systems for the automotive sector at its plastics based plants in Europe and Asia. It runs mainly multi component injection moulding machines with clamping force ranging from 80 to 850 tonnes.

In 2014, the group achieved annual turnover worth almost €225m of which components largely for the auto industry amounted to nearly €150m.

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