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SMC moulding

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What Is SMC Mould

Compression mould usually use hydraulic press machine and the cavity and core is fixed to top and bottom platens of machine. Once the material is placed into the open mould, the machine closes, mould get heated, then the press pressure force material to flow all over the mould. In the above process, the material which placed into the open mould is normally SMC, BMC, GMT etc compound material. So we always refer this type of compression mould to SMC mould, BMC mould, GMT mould. There are certain difference between SMC, BMC and GMT material.

SMC moulding

SMC moulding takes place in a device called a “compression moulding press,” which is usually hydraulically powered. Most moulding presses require that both the loading of SMC into the mould and the unloading of the finished product must be manually carried out by a skilled operator. The press usually consists of the upper and lower halves of the mould placed between two heated plates. Pre-heated SMC is placed into the lower half of the mould. The upper plate is then lowered, applying up to 2000 psi of pressure to the mould. Consistent application of heat and pressure causes the SMC to spread and properly fill every part of the mould. SMC moulding can be used to create even complex, detailed SMC parts with great accuracy.

Advantages of SMC

The most important and most frequently talked about the advantage of SMC is its lightweight when compared to other substances, including metals and even other polyesters such as bulk moulding compound (BMC). For this reason, SMC has replaced metal components as the primary material used for a number of automotive parts. It has also seen use in the manufacture of baths, spas, and arena, cinema and stadium seating.

In addition to its lightweight, SMC is easy to produce, and can be manufactured in high volume. Combined with the straightforward nature and short production cycle of the compression moulding process, parts made using SMC can be created in a similarly high volume in a small amount of time.

However, SMC’s lightweight nature does not necessitate any sacrifice in strength. It is sturdy and durable, capable of resisting impact even at high speeds. The compound is even approved for use in the outer shells of passenger vehicles, where it regularly receives high scores in crash tests.

Lastly, sheet moulding compound is an extremely economical choice. Manufacturers can save money on all aspects of the production process, from minimal labour costs to reduced waste. As a further bonus, SMC is time-efficient as well – it can be primed in-mould rather than needing to wait until after the moulding process has finished.  However, to achieve class A finishes, a post mould painting process is required.

Would you like to know more about SMC moulding and any kinds of compression moulds? Please keep in touch with us at Below is SMC Pickup box mould we previously produced for our customer.

SMC mouldingSMC moulding

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