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Applications in the automotive of SMC molding

Join Date: 2017-08-28

SMC is a new type of material, and the automotive parts made with this material have the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and stable size. The appearance of SMC materials has greatly promoted the development of automotive industry, and the development of automotive industry has pushed SMC to a new level. Its advantages of mass production and low cost have been paid more and more attention by automotive manufacturers.

The sheet is made on the SMC molding unit, and the sheet is covered with thin film up and down. After ripening, a certain amount is weighed and put into the SMC, and molding on the press. The production cycle is generally about 5 min, and the fastest is only 30 s. Even complex products can be formed at one time. As a result SMC molding there are also the advantages of saving manpower, reducing processing processes and facilitating mass production. A large number of automotive materials have been used to replace steel with SMC materials.

Automotive parts of various sizes and shapes can be manufactured using SMC, such as:
Suspension parts: front and rear bumper, dashboard etc.
Car body parts:shell roof, floor, car door,spoiler, SMC sunshade cover,luggage cover plate, engine cover, seat, headlamp reflector.
Engine cover parts: air conditioner case, wind guide cover, intake pipe cover,fan ring, heater cover, water tank parts, brake system parts, battery bracket, engine noise damping pan.

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